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The answer to the question of what is the best social media platform to grow the business in 2020 lies in the ability of companies to differentiate themselves from the rest. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, but each platform works well for a specific company. It all depends on how each company manages itself online and which Social media Marketing will work best for them.

1) Facebook

Facebook Image
Facebook image

Facebook is the biggest social media platform today and it has tremendous potential to be the future of advertising. Many experts predict that within a few years, more people will be using Facebook than Google. However, there are many sites on Facebook that do not have as many fans or followers as those sites do, so this could change. Most of the popular social media sites that are gaining popularity are on Facebook

Facebook has also become the place where most companies and businesses today get their start when trying to reach out to their target market.

2) Twitter

Twitter Image
Twitter image

Another popular site that is gaining in popularity is Twitter. There are many people that use Twitter to communicate with friends and family, and then there are people that tweet about marketing, promotions, new products and services, and just about anything else. The growth of Twitter is undeniable and it has been used by many large companies to market their products and services. It has become a very popular platform to advertise with.

3) Instagram

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Instagram marketing is being frequently used by people, As of today. The use of Instagram marketing for business has been fast becoming popular among most of the companies today. The idea behind it is really simple; people who want to engage in this type of marketing are actually using Instagram to communicate with their audience on a personal level.

The benefit of Instagram marketing for a business is that it is very easy to utilize.You can easily connect your business to your customers if you make it as a part of your business promotion. A good way to increase your fan base is to use it in your marketing campaign. So if you want to start a brand or a company for your friends and fans, you should also make it a part of your marketing strategy.

4) Linkedin

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LinkedIn marketing strategy is considered as one of the best sources of revenue generation to any business. You can now enhance your networking success with the help of a good promotional plan.

This should be kept in mind that most people find this platform as a very useful tool on the internet because this network has become a regular place where businesses are getting connected and sharing information about their business. Therefore, all the businesses are trying to advertise on this website and increasing the efficiency of their strategies to increase sales and also encourage their customers and clients to share their views on their products and services.

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